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JUNE 23 - AUGUST 31, 2016


Drawing Conclusions

Group Show

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Walter Otero Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the group show Drawing Conclusions opening on Thursday, June 23 at 7:00pm in the contemporary art space located in #402 Ave. Constitución, San Juan, PR.

With a number of significant technological advances at our disposal, the act of drawing remains a fundamental part of the creative process in art and many other practices, serving as a way to conceptualize and transcribe our ideas. As one of the most basic human expressions, drawing has allowed us to communicate and leave a mark that transcends. For the 10 artists exhibiting in this group show drawing represents a starting point to develop their work as well as a final product through which they express themselves. To consider drawing solely for its preparatory functions is to ignore its capacities as an autonomous medium. The artists that use it in such a way welcome the mediums ambiguity allowing it to be a component of other practices as well as an autonomous one.
Drawing Conclusions presents works of diverse formats, where the artists exhibiting make use of drawing both as a preparatory sketch and as a medium in itself. In this exhibition the spectator will be able to see the medium in its various functions having the opportunity to draw their own conclusions and consider the fine line that exists between drawing and other mediums.
The exhibition includes works by:
Allora & Calzadilla, William Maldonado, Sarabel Santos, Jotham Malavé, Daniel Muñoz, Alexandra Santos, José Julio Martínez, Camila Buxeda, Gamaliel Rodríguez and Radames Juni Figueroa.



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