Ramón Miranda Beltrán’s solo show at Walter Otero Contemporary Art (WOCA)


San Juan, PUERTO RICO- (September 19- October 29, 2013)- Walter Otero Contemporary Art (WOCA) is pleased to present Ramón Miranda Beltrán’s solo show, “We don’t have the numbers/ No tenemos los números”, on view from September 19 through October 29, 2013.  An opening reception for the artist will be held on Thursday, 19 September from 6 to 9 PM.


Miranda Beltrán (b. 1982, Puerto Rico) is an emerging artist based in New York, graduated with a BA, in Fine Art-photography (2008) from the University of Puerto Rico, followed by an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2012).

Followed by philosophical and social unrest, Miranda Beltrán uses his work as a mean to present and critique social inequalities.  His work holds an intense socio-political content with the consciousness of the development of a fair world.  This topic is recurrent and diligently presented in his work, which cleverly uses concrete, his trademark, as the raw material for the creation of sheets of cement, which becomes his platform.  A series of prints and photographic transfer in concrete will be presented in the show.


"This show is a continuation of two years of research on the possibility of a revolution in the "Western" world. In this case I'm looking at events in the history of Puerto Rico from 1933 until 2011.  Of, either attempted murder, bombs, protests by occupation and civil disobedience in the Capitol, these groups identify within the Puerto Rican left wing which have encountered repression by the forces of the State. 


I understand the hegemonic power of the government, as a reactionary force that because of its lack of lucidity tends to understand the symptoms of our social problems but not the disease. Also I identify certain elements within the global leftist politics as reactionary, but in this case the focus is specifically the Puerto Rican left. This is particularly tragic considering that the left is where demands are made in order to end oppression. These demands are the only worthy reason that justifies a revolution. When I talk about oppression, I mean any situation where human labor comes before the human interest, any relationship where any human is used as an instrument and not as an end in itself.


It is contradictory that the ones reacting are in the ranks of the opposition against the status quo. This reality is one of the greatest obstacles the left has in order to obtain emancipation.


The criticism, which is necessary, is not the only reason that motivates me to do art. The claim of our times is to build on the ruins of the past.  This exhibition presents "historic" moments that I consider important for understanding the complexity of the struggle of creating a new world. These events are not openly discussed in the educational process or by the Puerto Rican society. Each active group at the social level in Puerto Rico has an agenda that distorts the historical narrative and each group edits, omits or includes. Certainly, escaping subjectivity is a problematic action; claiming a completely objective historical view is an impossibility. What I propose is to treat our history as an inclusive project that is constantly growing and auto-critical" Miranda-Beltrán states.”


Miranda Beltran has a solid curriculum.  He was recently selected to participate in the international fair Art Lima 2013, "The law of the stronger/ La Ley del Mas Fuerte" project, organized by the renowned critic and curator Spanish Octavio Zayas.  Joins other presentation at fairs such as: Pinta New York 2012 Art Projects, curated by Jacopo Crivelli Visconti, New York, NY (2012), "Chicago is My Kind of Town" Julius Caesar, curated by rump o.k. (Julian Myers and Joanna Szupinska) with Ionit Behar Chicago, Il (2012), and the fair Circa PR (2009).

Also participated in group exhibitions such as: This is Where We Jump 7th Biennial the Museum of the District New York, NY (2013), The Armory Show, Rhona Hoffman Gallery New York, NY (2013) in which the journal ArtInfo outlined his work as a must see of the fair.


His work has been exhibited in the MFA Show, School of the Art Institute of Chicago Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, Il (2012), "Vital Signs: New Acquisitions of the MAC 2009 - 2011" Puerto Rico Contemporary Art Museum (MAC), (2011), "Lo que trajo el Barco, Miguel Luciano, Josue Pellot, Ramón Miranda Beltrán Emerging Puerto Rican artists from N.Y.-Chicago-Puerto Rico, Institute of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture, Chicago, Il, (2011), Muestra Nacional, Arsenal de la Puntilla San Juan, PR (2010), and 2nd Trienal Poli/Gráfica de San Juan, Arsenal de la Puntilla,Collaboration with Omar Velázquez and Nicole Rodríguez, San Juan, PR (2009).  His work forms part public collections: the Puerto Rico Contemporary Art Museum (MAC), The Institute for Puerto Rican Arts & Culture Chicago, Illinois and the Museo de Arte Pío López, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Cayey, Puerto Rico





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