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OCTOBER 28, 2015 - JANUARY 2016


Walter Otero Contemporary Art presents the first edition of the WOCA Triennial


San Juan, Puerto Rico - Walter Otero Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the first edition of the WOCA Triennial opening on Wednesday, October 28th   at 7:00pm in the contemporary art space located in #402 Ave. Constitución Puerta de Tierra, San Juan.


In dialogue with the 4th Poly/Graphic Triennial San Juan: Latin America and the Caribbean, Walter Otero Contemporary Art presents this first edition of the WOCA Triennial, which marks the beginning of a series of exhibitions to be held every three years with the intention of paying tribute and providing an exhibition space for the graphic work of national and international artists. In this edition of the WOCA Triennial, the established artists are joined by a group of emerging artists, selected through an open call, which completes the exhibition. Giving the opportunity to these artists to exhibit in a formal gallery setting side-by-side renowned artists.  As an exhibition platform WOCA Triennial places every artist on the same level, and as the exhibited work of Luis Vidal states, No artwork is better than the other.


The 4th San Juan Poly/Graphic Triennial: Latin America and the Caribbean is an international cultural event sponsored by the government of Puerto Rico and organized by the Fine Arts Program of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP). Created in 2004, the Triennial promotes experimentation in the graphic arts, stimulating the combination of traditional printmaking and contemporary practices within a different curatorial theme each year. This edition’s curatorial team is comprised of chief curator Gerardo Mosquera (Cuba) and co-curators Vanessa Hernández Gracia (Puerto Rico) and Alexia Tala (Chile). 


Participating artists:

Allora & Calzadilla, Ángel Otero, Arnaldo Roche, Anthony Giannini, Gamaliel Rodríguez, Héctor Arce Espasas, Carlos Betancourt, Luis Vidal, Mónica Rodríguez, Ramón Miranda Beltrán, Osvaldo Budet, Shonah Trescott, Rafael Vega, Livia Ortiz, Víctor Vázquez, Alexander Valentine, Bernardo Medina, Elimelec Mercado, Elsa María Meléndez, Fernando Pintado, Radames Juni Figueroa, Jonathan Torres, Jotham Malavé, Kevin Quiles, Mónica Félix, Mónica Ching, Naimar Ramírez, Rosario Fernández, Ricardo Morales Hernández, Vané Russo, Víctor Rodríguez Gotay, Roberto Yiyo Tirado, Lianet Martínez, Alexis Díaz, Omar Velázquez, Sarabel Santos, Paco Guillén, Juan Negroni, Emilio Arraiza, Jasper Johns , Myrna Baez, The Chapman Brothers, Rashid Johnson, Mickalene Thomas, Vik Muñiz, Andy Warhol, Tameka Norris, Richard Hamilton, Liliana Porter.












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